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"So come up to the lab and see whatโ€™s on the slab."

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) (X)


Nevermore Art by FuryOn1989

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Holy Shit. This mix is amazing.

Manix - Feel Real Good 0:00
Congress - 40 Miles 2:22
Zomby - Float (Skream remix) 4:12
The Prodigy - Your Love 6:54
Sonz of a Loop Da Loop Era - Far Out 10:24
New Atlantic - I Know 13:55
Robin S- Show Me Love 19:15
Sunset Regime - I’ve Got A Real Feel 22:52
Bizarre Inc. - Playing With Knives 25:08
Praga Khan - Injected With A Poison 27:06
FFF - Nun inna dat 28:47
Doctor P - Sweat shop (edit) 30:02
Nightwriters - Let The Music Use You (92 Hardcore remix) 30:48
Auriga - Isotope 32:41
Dune - Hardcore Vibes 35:19
Electric Choc - Shock The Beat (Piano Mix) 38:20
Landlord - I Like It (Blow Out Dub mix) 41:14
Analysis - Climax 43:51
Unity -Unity (USA mix) 48:29
Bass Selective - Blow Out Part II 53:59
Rhythm Quest - Close To All Your Dreams (Piano Mix) 55:12
Dream Frequency - Take Me To The Top 57:11

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Squarepusher - Come On My Selelctor

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Who is the dj today?

Give me something to dance to

And please no techno

'cause it's war in my head and I'm ready to disco



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Let me introduce you to the University of Toronto protest that happened in 2012. ย Warren Farrell was holding a lecture discussing menโ€™s rights, menโ€™s issues and problems that they face in society and this is what happened.

Feminist activists embodied the exact opposite of peaceful protest and had to be forced back by a multitude of police because they were physically barring the entrance to the campus building, keeping many from entering to listen to the lecture.

Later on the fire alarm was pulled without cause, an act which is punishable by law. ย Curiously though, no charges were ever filed and no investigation was put toward finding out who pulled the alarm to disrupt this lecture. ย 

This is what happens when people who are concerned about male DV victims talk. ย This is what happens when men try to find their own space to work out how to handle the problems they face in society. ย Left and right, you have these self-righteous people who are framing the narrative to make it look as though theyโ€™re preemptively silencing hate speech, rather than silencing a manโ€™s freedom of speech.

If you want people to stop bringing up male victims in the same conversation talking about female victims, stop silencing the people who are trying to talk about male victims on their own time. ย Thank you.

So much this.

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Tik Tok Redneck!

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Soulwax - E-Talking

This is a superb music video.

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"En Sabah Nurโ€ฆ. En Sabah Nurโ€ฆ.."

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Kanye West Stops Concert to Yell At Kid in Wheelchair, ‘Stand Up!’

Great work Kayne.

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