Weird Al Yankovic - Tacky

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Pretty much what I have been doing recently.

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My new alarm tone. It shall be a epic morning EVERY SINGLE MORNING!

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This episode of The West Wing first aired November 24th, 1999. Rob Lowe’s character Sam Seaborn is arguing against the confirmation of a Supreme Court nominee who has a shaky position on the right to privacy— specifically, the guy doesn’t think it’s constitutionally guaranteed. 

Yes, everyone loves talking about how this show has anticipated many of the political moments of the early aughts. That said—even if this quote only serves as a reminder that the debates du jour are not something we’re just alighting upon now, that seems like reason enough to revisit it. 

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We worked hard to hijack this cartoon from children so we could jerk off to it, lets stop those misandrists at Hallmark from taking it back!

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Weird Al Yankovic - Foil (Parody Of Lorde’s Royals)

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Splinter Cell Blacklist. Complete.

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We will capture your your image if you go on foot.
We will photograph your number plates if you drive.
We will record all the details if you go by public transport.
We will require your ISP to keep all the details if you use the internet.
We will keep all the metadata if you use the telephone.
We will keep track of how much you spend and where.
We will record your fingerprints if you would like to go for a night out.
We will not tolerate any questioning of law enforcement.
We will allow you to protest and any concerns as long as you don’t make too much noise and it is approved by us first.

But don’t worry, it’s all in your best interests. You have nothing at all to worry about if you’re doing no wrong. Remember, you live in a free society.

- Various Australian Governments

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Thanks 2002.

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So fucking newtown.

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Cherry Poppin’ Daddies - Drunk Daddy

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